“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

I wish with all my heart that I was more like Christ and less like sinful self that I call, Christian. Alas, until the day that I die or when Christ comes back, this is what I have to work with.

I also am incredibly fortunate to be able to study what I longed to study when I was a little bubba. Each and every day I look at my books and learn that much more about how the body works, I am in reverence as to how detail-orientated God must be, a few seconds later I’m either reaching for homemade cookies or the couch for a tiny nap. There is a definite tension between study and being a sloth.

5 completely non-related points about this author –

  1. I am dyslexic.
  2. I am a veterinary science student.
    Richard Dawkins tried hard to persuade me of God’s nonexistence but instead made me love God so much more for creating such wonderful creatures through evolution. Thanks Dawko!
  3. I love to cycle.
  4. I absolutely love to cook/bake.
    I think I might love cooking more than I love people cooking for me.
  5. I am painfully self-aware to the point of being overly self-critical.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! I also have a reading disability, and auditory disability and a few others thrown in there and am in my final year of vet school! It has been hard, especially students not understanding why I get certain allowances in exams that they don’t, but keep your head high! We surprise them all in the end 🙂 Have faith in yourself, and others will follow
    Jess – Surfingvet

    • Hi Jess, thanks for such an encouraging message! 🙂 Yes, isn’t so difficult when our peers ask us why we need extra time and other accommodations?What’s worse is when everybody else seems to pick things up so quickly from just casually reading a textbook or journal article and I’m still trying to get through the first sentence! Every exam I get through is a miracle for me! I still don’t have much faith in myself, but I’ve learnt that there are greater things to put my faith in. 🙂

  2. Haha! I completely understand! Taking twice as long to read something compared to others and it doesn’t even sink in the first time it’s read, having to re-read everything! Don’t give up hope though! If I can, so can you! Don’t forget to enjoy it whilst you are there though! I found that if I was happy (from socialising and hanging out with my friends) that I was able to learn things a lot easier, at one stage I has a very bad mind frame thinking I could never do it and always feeling down because I felt so disadvantaged compared to my other peers, it made studying even harder! There are plenty of amazing, smart, disabled people out there, and we are apart of that group! What made me confident in myself was, that when I did well, I loved seeing the reaction on everyone else’s face! They tried to make excuses, but nothing compares to what we have to deal with (well there are some things but not pety excuses). This sounds horrible, but when I did better than my friends it made me feel so great, knowing I was able to do it and do it better than someone who didn’t have difficulties!

    • Yup! Totally get that. I’m completely socially motivated. I do better when I’m in lectures with my friends even if we are just messing around instead of paying attention. My friends though most might not understand my disability, do try to help me. I’m quite blessed in that way. They come over and go through the content with me (or come over to have a panic with me).

      Thanks for being so encouraging!!! Honestly, more support is needed for people with disabilities. More than just technical support, but emotional support. Just in terms of being able to talk it through with people who get it instead of struggling on our own.

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