the weather not unlike my mood has been temperamental. one day it’s bright and great, and next time i look out the window, it’s moody and  unbearably cold. i’m partly relieved because i went slightly mental the other week and spent a bit too much moolah shopping online. i got a vegan leather jacket and a beanie amongst other things. they arrived today and not a second too soon. 

 (from urbanoutfitters)

haha what’s funny is that i bought both her beanie and her jacket without actually realising it till 5 minutes ago.  

Anyway, I think what’s been on my mind is that i pretty much suck at bantering. i’m not a boring person by any means. i know i’m not, i’ve lived in three different cities and as such have picked up enough knowledge to talk about most things. but i guess, it’s not the content but how i deliver it which i stink at. not good at small talk. :/ which is odd seeing that i am an extrovert. in some instances, i’m alright but i think when i put too much pressure on myself to portray this or that, it comes out very forced and uninterested or uninteresting. i must say, people who are able to banter have my respect. i don’t think it’s really a bad thing that i am unable to seem interesting because it hastens the process of getting rid of meaningless relationships with people who really don’t care about it. but it also means, i might loose out on having meaningful relationships with people who need to start off superficial before they can dig deep. one of those things i guess i just have to keep practising at before it becomes something i’m good at.



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