It is so 2012, but… LINSANITY!

I’m so super late to the whole Linsanity thing. Alarmingly late. I’m not a sports fan so when people talked about him in 2012, I wasn’t very interested. However, this week, I got hooked. Not so much because he seems to be quite a fancy basketballer, but because of how he lives out his life. Just listening to him talk about how his entire life is not a credit to how hard he worked but how much God blessed him is so incredibly encouraging. It is so easy to soak up the lime light and take all the credit for the hard work and be proud of his achievements, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what he’s done. He has a movie made about him, a trademarked word, was on the cover of Times magazine and was named the top 100 most influential people of the year. And that’s on top of ALL his basketball achievements. I’m not sure how he remains so humble and grounded.

I think what really makes me want to have a good look in the mirror is the sheer amount of humility this guy has. He honestly makes me want to be more humble in my own life and reminding myself that all my tiny achievements that I have (which let’s be honest are minuscule compared to his) are not even my own but God’s. Every day I need to guard my heart against pride. It is so easy to think that I did all this by myself. I really didn’t. I am where I am because of the grace of God.

The other thing that I was so encouraged and challenged by was his openness about his faith. I am so heartened by how much God fills up each and every part of his life. Sometimes in my own day to day life, I compartmentalise God and leave him out of areas that I just don’t want him to be in. I think part of it is again due to my pride. I want to control this area of my life and I don’t need God telling me what I can and cannot do. My God should be my whole life. To completely overflow into every nook and cranny of my life and flow out to the people around me. My friends know I am a Christian and I try hard to tell them about my faith. But how am I really different from them? Am I a good witness for God? At this point, I don’t think I am. And I really need to repent and rethink how to love my unimates as the next semester comes. Even now, what immediately comes to mind and probably has been on my mind for the longest of times is the issue of drinking. Drunkenness is something that as Christians we are called away from. But to be honest, it is something I for sure struggle with. I don’t go out much and I don’t drink much when I’m home. However, when we go out to celebrate, we go to the pub. And what else do we do at the pub besides drink? I guess the solution is quite clear. Yet, in practice, especially in a society that does has a strong drinking culture, this is quite hard.

These two aspects of his life I hope can challenge me in my own life. There are other parts of his life that have made me reflect  on my own life which involove him working for the Audience of One and being encouraging and kind to the people around him. God’s worked so greatly in his life and it is my earnest prayer that God continues to build this guy up and guards him against sin, the world and the devil. There must be so much pressure on him and with that comes so much temptation. His story reminds me of the parable of the talents. God has given Jeremy such great talents (both metaphorically and literally) and he has been very wise with what he’s done with it. What a good and faithful servant!

Such a champ!

2013 had been quite hard for me. It was a growing year where there was quite a lot of change and a great deal of challenges along the way. I made new friends, lost old ones, learnt how sinful I can be but also how loving and merciful God is. There was a lot of pain and tears involved and many mistakes were made. Yet through the last year, I know that God has a plan. I still am not sure what that is but as long as I do live, I know he isn’t done with me just yet. I pray, I can be a good and faithful servant. As 2014 comes around, I do pray God changes me. I do pray I am a little bit more like Jeremey Lin in the way that he strives to reflect Jesus in all his life.

2014 – let me be faithful. 🙂


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