not an angry mob

this blog is beginning to sound like an angry single woman mob hating on relationships. that’s not really the case, but i guess it is understandable why it  does. i think part of the reason why is because being single isn’t really something to be celebrated and proud of sometimes. sometimes as a single person, i do feel frustrated because it seems like i’m just in my woman-in-waiting stage before i get saved from the horror that is being single. there’s no celebration for a person becoming single, on the contrary we feel sorry for the person who is single and send our commiserations instead. i’m constantly asked whether i’ve started dating anyone yet, which makes me feel like there is so much pressure on me to be ‘unsingled’.

anyway, without waffling on, someone posted this article on fb and it was such a good reminder to me.

really its okay to be single

the comments were pretty insightful as well.

anyway, off to get my bike looked at and might peek into one of my favourite stores for a little retail fun.


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