loving your enemy

loving your enemy

(source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2479264/Photographer-relives-moment-black-teen-saved-KKK-sympathizer.html)

This picture is a picture of a young africian american girl who throws herself between an angry anti-klan mob and a klan sympathiser . Shielding him for the violence that some might say he rightly deserves.

God, teach me to love those who hate me.

Sometimes I find it all to easy to fight hatred with hatred. My father who though loves me immensely has his moments when he flares up and gets upset with me. Someone who loves me so dearly throws one stone in my direction and I completely loose it. I throw a metaphorical boulder back. And this is someone who loves me, sacrificed for me and has been mostly patient with all my wrong-doings, now what if that person were someone who hates me irrationally? What if someone who irrationally hates me and throws a physical (non-metaphorical) stone at me, would I then irrationally throw my own body over him/her shielding him/her from the blows arguably rightly deserved?

It’s hard isn’t it? But then I’m reminded of Jesus. Not just shielding me from a fate I rightly deserve, but actually dying a horrific death so I don’t have to.

God, teach me how to love like how Jesus loves me. 

Even just typing out that sentence I’m aware of what a big ask that is. Can I really do that? How hard would that be? It’s a really big statement. Let’s see where God takes me. 🙂


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