just sex.

One of the topics that comes up so so incredibly often is sex. I guess it’s because I live in a western society and in an age group where sex isn’t taboo but a rite of passage. Some times I feel like I live in a sex-crazed society and it really affects me. As a christian, I believe that sex is to be saved for marriage between a man and a woman exclusively. And so, living in a society where sex is looked at as something we all should have done, makes me seem like I have archaic values. After a while, I do feel like throwing in the towel and joining the crowd.

This was definitely on my mind when I signed up for a conference that was about staying pure in a sex-crazed world. The talks were really great and encouraging. It wasn’t something I haven’t heard before because the Bible is very clear on how God feels about sex. What I did take away from the talks was knowing that others struggled just as I struggle. I am a mere human whose mind is easily influenced by what I see and hear and by my peers. When the world screams how normal sex outside the union of marriage is, it’s so easy to desensitise myself to it as well and agree.

But if God created this world and created Eve to be Adam’s wife – for a husband to leave his family to be with his wife, he therefore most certainly created marriage. Is it not the smartest thing to do to follow the user manual when it comes to putting things together because the manufacturer would know more about these things than we do? Hence, following how God intended marriage to be where sex is to be between a husband and a wife most wise? That’s really all I’ve got. We can sit and talk about whether it is liberating to break the rules or whether it damages the person more. We can talk about how committed relationships are close enough to marriages and or that marriages themselves aren’t the best demonstration of a man committing himself to a woman fully. But all these examples involve humans and so they are riddled with complications and what-ifs. That’s why I think, the best reason is that God created marriage and sex. God created sex for a husband and wife. And coming from a person who never reads the user manual, it is most definitely the best option to use something as what the creator made it for.


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