This year’s weather has been incredibly awesome. Winter wasn’t too bad and spring came in early and quickly. I feel like it’s summer already! Only thing is that once I see all the flowers blooming, I know it is time to start studying again. There is a saying that goes around the university, ‘you need to start studying by the time the jacaranda in the quadrangle there starts blooming.’

But all in all, I’m so grateful for how great the weather has been. I like to think that God, amongst many other reasons, made the weather nice to help me get through this year well. I get so depressed in nasty cold weather, so much to the point that one year I cried when winter began. I guess that is slightly self-centred to think that way and we might not know in this life why God does the things that he does. However, I must say, that the weather really did help me through this year. It hasn’t been the easiest of years, struggling with anxiety and loneliness, so having such a mild winter made this period in my life slightly easier to handle.

This year, the weather seemed to have mimicked the experiences in my life. From a freezing summer down in Canberra where I had such a bad experience with a lady I had to work with for a week. I remembered riding in her quadbike with the rain blowing at my face and hating every minute of it. To the roller coaster weather that paralleled my roller coaster time I had working with farmers who were though the nicest most sincerest people I’ve worked with so far, were also men who did not mince their words. And now, perfect weather, I wonder that means.

Dear God,

let’s end this year great. And thanks for the exceptional weather.


cold feet.


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