why not tumblr.

I’ve been quite tempted to get a tumblr account. Actually for a while I did. But tumblr doesn’t really filter its images and often, I am confronted with pictures that are slightly too provocative for me. And now here I am. Microhaemorrhages probably won’t be littered with beautiful pictures of couples holding hands or sunsets or geometric prints, just in case you were looking for that, keep looking. 😉

What I said last night was quite different to what culture expects and I wasn’t actually sure how people (if anybody) would take it. But I was quite delighted to find a little bit of encouragement through the form of tiny bit of people following me and another who liked my post. Thank you, you made my day. Also, I would love to hear from you and know what other people have to say about the same topic.

As far as I can remember, Dad was taught me to surround myself with people greater and smarter than I. He encouraged me to expand myself by listening to what greater minds had to say and not resting on what I already know. Though I don’t think I consciously sort after more intelligent people, I’ve been blessed to have many of them around me. And as much as I feel as though I need people to hear what I have to say (which comes with being an extrovert), I like to be challenged and given a new perspective on things. It is only in the hearing of new ideas and thoughts that we can truly advance ourselves. I guess that is probably why I find stubborn people so hard to be around. Incidentally, most stubborn people are brimming with knowledge and wisdom, but seem to convince themselves so quickly of the validity of their own points that they become less open to hearing what others have to say. In doing so, closing themselves off to another stream of knowledge, and perhaps doing themselves a disfavour, stagnating.

Not really sure where I’m going with this. Maybe this have become a subconscious rant about all those stubborn people that I around on a daily basis. Maybe I’m just telling myself to keep an open mind about my own blog and reminding myself to not be afraid if negative feedback comes my way. Or perhaps I’m telling my few readers to be keep their minds open to what I have said or will say and to let new ideas fill their minds. Though healthy critique is essentially pruning of the mind.

(Image from http://vasare.wordpress.com)


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